Employer Benefits


Top local organizations who regularly hire from continent; across different industries

Local employers sponsor their employees and employee partners through HITOP to improve participants’ integration and retention in Hawaii. Employers including executives/HR and direct managers shared very positive feedback:


Benefits to Employers

  • Boost retention; reduce turnover costs
    • 89% of cohort improved their sense of Hawaii as home
    • 56% increased intention to stay in HI
  • Improve worker effectiveness 
  • Boost org morale
  • Manage PR and community relations

Employer executives/hr



Overall Satisfaction



Net Promoter Score


HITOP helps us better onboard out-of-state hires by providing an avenue for them to build and strengthen relationships and learn how to best adapt and contribute to our state.

–  Healthcare Employer

We will continue to send key employees who have relocated to Hawaii.

–  Business Employer

HITOP helps our leadership build stronger collaboration and relationships within the larger community.

–  Education Employer

Direct managers

  • 64% of Managers report participant improved work effectiveness
  • 89% of Managers report participant improved relationship with HI community


She loved the program and I believe it definitely helped her get more connected and engaged in the community which will no doubt help her over the long term and help us retain her in Hawaii.

–  Business Direct Manager

Her personal behaviors and relationships have changed for the better since HITOP.

–  Healthcare Direct Manager

It is great to help new folks bridge the cultural gap between Hawaii and the Mainland. 

–  Healthcare Direct Manager