State of Hawaii Benefits


General public, local and state economies, local community

Develop better community members

  • 93% improved their sense of shared stewardship for Hawaii
  • 96% increased their intention to contribute to community
  • 96% increased their awareness of contribution opportunities

Bridge gap between economy and community needs

  • Foster stronger resident/newcomer relations
  • Stem brain drain

Retain talent pool

  • 57% of participants strengthened their intention to stay in Hawaii
  • 82% of participants increased their sense of belonging in local community


Understanding native Hawaiian culture and getting to learn about/experience current local challenges has increased my desire to be a good steward. 

–  Business Participant

Deeper appreciation for this place on so many levels, which in turn is making me feel a deeper responsibility to not just my job but also the communities.

–  Healthcare Participant

TBD Testimonial from community partners about people being more open to understand new home 

–  Kimeona (TBD)