Cohort 2

Cohort 2 completed its on-island programming in early February 2022. Fifty fellows in Hawai‘i and across the country were selected to participate in the month-long program centered on cultural education and community contributions through group volunteer projects.

Cohort Overview

  • STRONG LOCAL TIES: ~20% current residents, 25% returning kamaʻāina, 50% w/ family in HI, 90% with friends in HI
  • DIVERSE: 60% female, aged 23 to 50+, 80% solo travelers, 10% with minors
  • CROSS-INDUSTRY: ~30% tech, 15% finance/consulting, 10% nonprofit, 10% education, 10% healthcare
  • FINANCIALLY STABLE: 100% with remote, full-time jobs
  • SPREAD ACROSS CONTINENT: CA (20%), East Coast (10%), PNW (10%), Midwest (8%), South (8%), HI (36%)

Cohort 2 Fellows

Allison Rowe | Lucca, Italy | Technology
Amanda Sargisson | San Francisco, CA | Consulting
Amber M Shinn | Lansing, MI | Education
Andreas Karelas | San Francisco, CA | Non-Profit
Andrew Blanco | New York, NY | Marketing Analytics and Insights
Anthony Valera | San Francisco, CA | Technology
Arleen Fernando | Redwood City, CA | Technology
Ashley Stewart | Los Angeles, CA | Technology
Barak Davidi | Boston, MA | Healthcare
Ben Weinberg | Honolulu, HI | Technology
Bryce Barich | Seattle, WA | Technology
Cathy Skinner | Saint Paul, MN | Healthcare
Charis Hall Krysher | Houston, TX | Aerospace & Defense
Chuck Liddell | Honolulu HI, HI | Technology
Daniel DeSouza | Honolulu, HI | Financial Services
Dario Nanbu | Seattle, WA | Technology
David Buerge | Honolulu, HI | Financial Services
Emi Au | Honolulu, HI | Financial Services
Erin Horne McKinney | Minneapolis, MN | Consulting
Gideon Lee | Honolulu, HI | Technology
Grace Collery | San Francisco, CA | Food
Jaime Schilling | San Francisco, CA | Non-Profit
Janelle Rothfolk | Seattle, WA | Government
Janna Sheng | Rockaway Beach, NY | Technology
Jannelle Watson | Los Angeles, CA | Technology
Jaquana Miles | Charlotte, NC | Energy
Jared Lee | Danville, CA | Dispute Resolution
Julia Davis | Washington, DC | Financial Services
Julianne Hall | Honolulu, HI | Technology
Julie Chung | Chicago, IL | Hospitality
Kimberly Ward Barowicz | Seattle, WA | Non-Profit
Lance De Peralta | Vallejo, CA | Consulting
Lauren Watanabe | Honolulu, HI | Legal
Les Fujimoto | Pearl City, HI | Healthcare
Mark Pan | San Francisco, CA | Education
Matt Fujieki | Honolulu, HI | Media
Monina Verano | Kailua, HI | Entertainment
Philamer Felicitas | Phoenix, AZ | Non-Profit
Rebecca Weisinger | Kaneohe, HI | Healthcare
Robyn Fukumoto | Honolulu, HI | Technology
Rochelle Li | Brooklyn, NY | Non-Profit
Rylan Sekiguchi | Honolulu, HI | Education
Taharee Jackson | Washington, DC | Consulting
Tina Ryu | New York City, NY | Technology
Tori Hall | Durham, NC | Technology
Venus Lee | Orange Country, CA | Education

Volunteer Partner Organizations (VPO) Projects

  • PAʻI Foundation: Create a multimedia center to educate residents and visitors on significant areas (geographic and educational) of the Native Hawaiian Culture and History
  • The Chamber of Commerce Hawaii: With the help of our M&S volunteers, over 100 students from Campbell, Kapolei, Pearl City, and Waipahu will experience a high-quality work-based learning (WBL) experience
  • Hawaiʻi Agricultural Foundation (HAF): Development of a Localicious app or mobile website to promote businesses that buy local ag and seafood products
  • Future Farmers of America (FFA): Develop a strategic plan to grow membership and community engagement for Hawaii chapter
  • North Shore Economic Vitality Partnership (NSEVP): Create the awareness to double the number of GAP-certified (Good Agriculture Practice) farmers in Hawaii to meet State’s goal to double local food production by 2030
  • Suma Farms Develop a community education and empowerment platform on sustainability innovation
  • Nimbus AI: Create a public-facing marketing/fundraising strategy for a solar energy forecasting startup to increase awareness of its services in both Hawaii and mainland markets
  • Pacific International Center for High Technology Research (PICHTR): Develop a strategy and marketing plan for establishing Hawaii as a leader in sustainability innovation
  • The Pantry by Feeding Hawaii Together: Create a strategic and operational plan for client/volunteer expansion to partner with local growers
  • Kamehameha SchoolsCreatively revitalize a historic and iconic building in the heart of downtown Honolulu, transforming it into a modern-day community and technology beacon that can showcase pathways for how we live, work and care in an economically resilient future

Cohort 2 highlights

  • Cohort 2 levitating!