Cultural orientation helps cohort fellows understand the historical and current context of Hawaii, allowing them to build stronger personal relationships and connect more deeply with Hawaii.

Programming includes:

  • NaHHA on Hawaiian values/culture
  • Glenn Furuya on Leadership Island Style
  • Prof. Okamura on Local Identity, Ethnic Inequalities, & Overdependence on Tourism
  • Bishop Museum


Weon Weian“I really enjoyed the Leadership Island Style sessions. I felt like the speaker hit everything in regards to Hawaii being in a unique position of instilling Eastern, Western, and Polynesian cultures, and the comparison between circular and linear people.”

— Weon Weian

Amanda Ishikawa“The session with Dr. Okamura sparked good conversation and helped me verbalize and find allies in some of the things I’ve been feeling since moving back to Hawaii.”

— Amanda Ishikawa

Lennifer Wu“Bishop Museum was amazing and very educational. The (Re)Generation exhibit was my favorite because I have never seen a museum or institution hold themselves accountable for past actions before. I also loved how intertwined the museum is to Hawaii’s modern day culture which makes it feel more relevant and essential.”

— Lennifer Wu

A Look Into Cultural Orientation

  • Weon Weian takes a closer look at Bishop Museum.
    Weon Weian takes a closer look at Bishop Museum.

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